Just wanted to say a big thanks for the cake.
It looked great and Chris loved it!

Lots of the Mums were impressed too so you might even get some Putney business from it.

Gerard – Putney

I have no idea how the cake maker created such a perfect 3 dimensional confection out of sponge. It was so clever.

Party guest – unknown

Thank you for the fabulous map of Italy cake. It went down a treat at my Mother’s party on Saturday!
She loved the originality of it, and was so impressed by all the places that had been marked on. (btw I realise that I hadn’t marked the Courmayeur ‘blob’ strongly enough on the map I gave you, which is why you indicated Courmayeur / Milano as one place, but the by having the extra candle, that worked absolutely fine; so I can see why it was confusing – sorry about that)

The cake was a real work of art, especially with the icing coloured in the Italian flag Green/red colours, and with the blue sea, and the white european mainland! Thank you for taking somuch care in depicting the geographical features so accurately. Towards the heel of Italy, on the S-E coats, there is a peninsula called Gargano, which you had shaped with such care and precision that a few people commented on this. Maybe the toes of the foot, could have been a feaction longer (but I don’t think the board was large enough for that!). Once guest was so impressed we had not omitted the football (Sicily)!

The sizeof the cake was so perfect.We cut 38 slices for guests. Sardinia went to five people who couldn’t make the party, and we were still left with 5 slices at the end, so a total of 48 slices. The sponge was very moist and the filling tasted really lemony – delicious.

All in all, a great success, so thanks very much for braving this for us!
The anti-slip matting was a great idea, as my car drive up to central London ended up being much more relaxed due to this!

Becky – Teddington

Thank you so much for Paul’s fantastic 3dbike cake. not only did it look fantastic, and the detail was perfect, but it tasted amazing too. There were so many compliments about it.

Many thanks, I will recommend you highly to anyone who wants a great tasting novelty cake.

Rachel – Teddington

My Peppa Pig cake made by Trudi was in 3D and she was holding my birthday card, written in icing – it was amazing. I loved my cake and so did everyone at my party. It tasted really yummy too!”

James, aged 3 – Twickenham

Thanks so much for baking us the cake.
It was really yummy and almost all of it went on the day of my daughters christening. Everyone loved it and so did my daughter Jessica.

Roxane – Teddington

Have been meaning to email all week to say thank you so much for Daniel’s cake. It was another huge success!
Looked amazing, tasted beautiful and most importantly Daniel loved it and demanded to eat iron man instantly of course.

Geri – Teddington

Thank you for the delicious birthday cake you baked us today! The cake looked amazing and my daughter was very proud to share this piece of Art with her class. We all enjoyed it, and I will definitely order from you again. Again, thank you very much. Patricia

Patricia – Teddington

Trudi created a great guitar cake for my son’s 21st and it tasted as good as it looked – lemon sponge and buttercream – lovely! She is a talented artist with attention to detail, thought of everything including providing the non-slip mat for us to transport it to Oxford. Thanks Trudi!

Annabel – Teddington

I just wanted to say thank you for the sea turtle cake today. I think it was the best one yet, and all your cakes are amazing.
It was an absolute work of art and also delicious, as per usual!

Many thanks, yet again.

Augusta – Teddington

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